Want to be a Horned Frog?

Welcome all interested and potential Horned Frog Band members. The TCU Bands have a long, distinguished tradition of excellence and accomplishment spanning nearly a century. Membership in the bands carries with it a significant responsibility to uphold and continue the tradition. It involves dedication, achievement, and hard work. There is always a place in the TCU Bands for anyone who exhibits these important qualities.

Scholarship Information

Are you a student musician interested in being a future TCU Horned Frog? Most of our music students are recipients of music and/or academic awards, as well as grants. This combination makes it possible for most interested students to be able to attend TCU. Many TCU students receive both music and academic scholarships. In order to be considered for an academic scholarship, a TCU Admission Application (including teacher and counselor evaluations) and the School of Music Online Audition Request Form must be submitted by February 15, 2015. Music Scholarships will be considered by live audition until February 28, 2015; applicants must complete the School of Music Online Audition Request Form before an audition time can be scheduled. TCU Admission notification will be sent by April 1, 2015.

NEW! TCU Early Application/Decision Program

Music applicants interested in an earlier admission response are strongly encouraged to complete both application procedures above before the TCU Early Action deadline of November 1, 2014. TCU Early Action provides application review and nonbinding University notification by January 1, 2015, while allowing applicants to decide by May 1, 2015 (National Candidate Reply Date) whether or not to attend TCU. TCU Early Action combined with the February 1, 2015 Audition Day ensures a comprehensive admission decision by February 15, 2015.

We have provided the following helpful links for the TCU application process as well as the additional application for the TCU School of Music required for admission and consideration for band scholarship awards.

For more information regarding TCU or the TCU Band program, email us at band@tcu.edu or call the TCU Band Office at 817.257.7640.